South Jersey reacts to fiscal cliff -

South Jersey reacts to fiscal cliff

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Before word came down late Tuesday night from Washington that a deal had been reached to avert the fiscal cliff, south Jersey residents shared their displeasure as politicians struggled to come up with an agreement.

"It's not a revenue problem it's a spending problem. I don't know why Washington is different than how we run our household with a balanced, you take in so many dollars and spend so many dollars. Its not rocket science but when they go to Washington it all changes," said Ocean City resident Larry Berman.

The majority opinion among shoppers is that Congress has failed them.

Some feel as though elected officials have failed to educate the public on their actions while others are disappointed to see political allegiance get in the way of action.

"I think they're covering up bigger things. They don't really like to tell us everything and I think they should clarify everything that's going on before they make decisions so we have a say in what's going on," said Mark Woods of Egg Harbor Township.

"I think they have a responsibility that we've elected them to do their jobs and to make wise decisions for the country and I think politics unfortunately plays a bigger role than it should," said Egg Harbor Township resident Brenda Patterson.

As the debate in Washington continues and America is left facing the uncertainty, residents here in South Jersey are not feeling optimistic about what the future holds.

"Hopefully they can, if they do come to the conclusion they can save the economy and boost it up a bit," said Michael Lee of Mays Landing.

"But I'm doubtful right now, but you never know."

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