Shoppers plan thrifty New Year's parties -

Shoppers plan thrifty New Year's parties

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While people may have a couple days before their New Year's resolutions take effect, local businesses have noticed shoppers planning a more cost-efficient New Year's party than usual.

At Joe canal's, management says shoppers are purchasing cheaper alternatives to a New Year's staple.

"People can have a more economical New Year's this year by purchasing Proseccos and sparkling wines from other regions besides champagne. A lot of these great wines have great, great prices that are no where close to the prices of true champagnes which can get extraordinary in price," said Adam Stromfeld of Joe Canal's.

The store has seen a boost in business over the last month while they say customers plan parties at home rather then celebrating at bars and restaurants.

For shoppers at Fro Me A Party, the decision to stay home on New Year's is not only cheaper, but also safer.

"We're going to have a party at our house because its way expensive going to bars and not only that but driving home, you have drink drivers and the cops and we're trying to be more safe and have everybody at our house," said Shopper Kelly Howe.

Employees at Fro Me A Party say New Year's is one of their busiest times.

While items like balloons and streamers continue to sell, many customers are opting for less costly, all in one party boxes.

"A lot of people are getting those boxes because they say it's a lot cheaper than buying them individually, I would think that's the most popular thing," said Fro Me A Party employee Arielle Froumy.

So whether it's a New Year's top hat or a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate with, shoppers are looking to save a few extra dollars and hoping for a happy New Year.

"People want to wish in the New Year and get rid of 2012, with the hurricane and everything else," said Stromfeld.  

"People have had a rough year and want to look forward to a better 2013."

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