Residents aren't too concerned about winter storm -

Residents aren't too concerned about winter storm

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A winter storm is on it's way Saturday but, as forecasts call for more rain, residents in the area don't seem to be too worried about what may come their way.

A winter storm is heading our way and as public works were out Friday taking the necessary precautions for Saturday's storm many residents say they are not too worried about what's to come.

"Not at all, nope, no worries we don't get much snow around here anyway," explained Marlene Blithe.

According to a few local hardware stores, they saw no boost on items pertaining to the snow as many residents walked out of stores empty handed on snow supplies.

"No, salt, no snow blower nope," Blithe said.

"No not worried at all we're actually here getting filter for the furnace, so no, we're not worried about the snow at all," said Charlotte Morey.

With only one to three inches of snow and with the possibility of it turning to rain some shoppers say they didn't feel the need to load up for the storm because they already have what they need.

"If something happens an emergency, whatever I have the salt, the shovel everything I have it," explained Naagy Latif.

And as the storm is less than a day away from striking the Jersey Shore, residents say there are some important things to worry about when it comes to this storm...

And the snow is not it.

"Not worried about the snow more worried about the rain than anything," Morey explained.

Atlantic County Public Works trucks were out earlier Friday trying to cover the nearly 350 miles of roadway in the county before the weather system hits Saturday morning.

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