Upset Atlantic City residents speak up about police at council m -

Upset Atlantic City residents speak up about police at council meeting

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Emotions ran high in Atlantic City as residents addressed elected officials about the fatal police involved shooting of 18-year-old Derek Mack at Thursday's city council meeting.

Those in attendance demanded justice, and expressed concerns about the police-community relationship in the city.

"If we're going to stand up we're going to stand up not for you but for us" said a member of the victim's family.

Residents of Atlantic City stood up proudly Thursday evening in front of city council and other elected officials as they spoke passionately about Derek Mack, the young man who was killed by an Atlantic City police officer last week.

And now the group wants officials to take action against the officer involved.

"Everybody must be held accountable for what they do," said a concerned citizen.  The law is not above the law, who polices the police who tell them when they are wrong."

"Everybody needs to be held responsible because we voted you in so do something about it," said a disgruntled resident.

Emotions truly started to run high when several family members spoke; including the victim's mother.

"I want justice for my son, I want that officer out of that building sitting at home with no pension and then I want him locked up so he can feel what I feel not seeing my child, he doesn't deserve to see his children if I can't see mine," said the victim's mother.

Several members of council did speak up in response to the community outcries, re-assuring that this is an issue that has not gone unnoticed but due to protocol there is nothing they can do until the ongoing investigation is completed.

"I don't want to see anyone, nobody die anytime any place anywhere, so if you think they're no feelings here that nobody cares...we care we just have to wait for the investigation like everybody else," said Council President William Marsh.

The incident is still under investigation by the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office and the State Attorney General.

As the investigation continues, residents say they will not let this incident die down and they will continue to seek the justice they feel the victim and the family deserves.


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