Storm wrecks havoc for drivers -

Storm wreaks havoc on drivers

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Residents of South Jersey are feeling the affects of Mother Nature Wednesday night as she brought dangerous weather to the area that made things difficult anyone outside.

First came Santa...then came the South Jersey was hit hard by Mother Nature following the Christmas holiday.

"It was torrential down pour, flooding almost pretty much like a monsoon as you will," explained Wesley Roth.

Wednesday's storm brought a little bit of everything high winds at times reaching up to 50 miles per hour, heavy rain, a little hail and most of all flooding as many areas around the shore saw their streets completely covered by water causing problems for many drivers.

"It's literally up to my knees I can't believe it," said Rikki Roth.

Margate resident Rikki Roth found herself a victim of flooding in ocean city when her car engine ceased up when she was on her way to surprise her brother, who lives on the island.

"I got here fine and I turn down the street we're on the corner of 3rd and west and I go through the puddle thinking I could drive all the way through and my car just stops," Rikki said.

Stuck for almost to hour, Rikki was finally rescued after her brother made his way through 11 blocks of flooding to get to his sister.

"The puddles in the streets are so flooded they are almost knee high in water but I just knew I had to truck it down here to get to my sister," said Wesley.

And for residents in the area, seeing flooding like this, re-hashed memories of what hurricane sandy did a few months ago.

"Thank god it's not as bad as that but we'll make it though we always do," expressed Wesley.

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