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Local man celebrates 50 years with McDonalds

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In the sprit of Christmas, one man who has given so much to our community through his business and his service is now celebrating 50 years at McDonalds and chances are you've helped contribute to his success.

For nearly a half century Bob has been giving South Jersey the same smile and service he did when he opened his first restaurant in 1962 as a 20-year old.

"Thinking back to when we first started, hamburgers were 15 cents at that point in time," Bob Traa said.

50 years and 14 restaurants later, many wonder how is Bob so successful?

He says his recipe for success is simple.

"Be honest, work hard, be good to people, and love your customers," Traa said.

Loving his customers is just one part of who Bob is: he also loves his community and has made a world wide impact.

"I think I was most proud of getting that first Ronald McDonald house built in Philly and see it grow into what it is today," Traa explained.

That idea Bob pioneered in the early 70's in Philadelphia has now spread worldwide to 322 Ronald McDonald houses in 52 countries.

He also continues to raise thousands for other charities right here in South Jersey.

Of course Bob isn't the only one on this journey, he's brought his kids along for the ride.

"All my life I grew up in the back of a McDonalds. The kids thought I was the luckiest kid ever," Bob's daughter Karen Traa said.

Bob came from humble beginnings, one of his first dates with his now wife... Was at McDonalds. It was the only thing they could afford.

Things have of course changed since then and Bob has been there to witness them all.

"In the very beginning you are talking about we had no women working in our restaurants at all."

Many people couldn't imagine doing the same thing for 50 years, but Bob says he wants to go on and won't be hanging up his spatula anytime soon.

"It has been my whole life. I thoroughly enjoy it. I do have ketchup in my blood," Traa said.

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