Mason Organization giveaway hundreds of presents to kids -

Mason Organization giveaway hundreds of presents to kids

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It's the season of giving and one charity organization gave back to the Pleasantville community this holiday season, making their Christmas was a little bit brighter.

It's the holiday season and giving back is what the season is all about.

The Mason organizations of New Jersey continued that tradition Saturday as they held their annual charitable event, giving out hundreds of presents to the children of Pleasantville.

"Every kid gets a gift, we have hot dogs, popcorn, candy for everybody, so they are having a great time," explained Robert Lee Oglesby Sr., Grand Master Mason's of the State of New Jersey.

"It was very exciting and I'm happy, so god bless them for all these gifts," expressed Jessica Long.

"It's really good I hope they're blessed this holiday because a lot of people lost a lot of things and just to do this around Christmas time it's a blessing," expressed Sarah Johnson.

This was the 34th annual present giveaway held by the Mason organization bringing out hundreds.

In fact, so many attended that not every one was allowed into the event because of fire safety code, but whether inside the building or out, everyone who lined up received gifts.

"What we do if there's too many people we bring them around the back of the building and make sure their kids still get a gift," Oglesby Sr. explained.

"This speaks volumes for the type of people that live in Pleasantville and works in Pleasantville," said Mayor Jesse Tweedle.

This year's event was made more special, because for the first time they were able to give away more than 100 bicycles to boys and girls of all ages, making their Christmas a little brighter.

"I was really, really happy when I got the bike because I had a bike when I was little and I don't know what happened to it and I got a new bike and I'm really happy," said bike recipient Kaylee Acevedo.

The Masons' generosity even rubbed off on the children, as one child even donated his bicycle to some else for a good reason.

"So, I can make someone else life better," explained Stephon Gant.


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