Students surprised with everything on their Christmas lists -

Students surprised with everything on their Christmas lists

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An emotional morning at the Uptown School Complex in Atlantic City left smiles on students faces and tears in the eyes of their parents and teachers, as students in Mrs. Mularz's kindergarten class had their Christmas dreams come true. Many of the students lost everything during Hurricane Sandy.

"This is such a blessing. I'm happy. The kids are happy," parent Ivonne Sutton said.

It's an emotion Ivonne Sutton hasn't experienced in a long time, after having her family's lives turned upside following hurricane Sandy.

"I thought I was pretty good with hiding it from the kids and then one day the teacher called me and she said that the kids told her they lost everything. And I was thinking I didn't even know they knew," Sutton explained.

It was a milliard situation for many of the Atlantic City children in Mrs. Mularz's kindergarten cIass, where today, there were tears of joy after such a painful year.

Thanks to a Washington D.C. company, these kids got a Christmas they otherwise wouldn't have had this year.

"Our Company wanted to do something for the holidays and wanted to help families and those affected by Hurricane Sandy so we can up with the idea of adopting a class and bringing some holiday cheer," Kristen Stallings, from Kinsella media said.

They came loaded with gifts the kids asked for and one by one checked gifts of their lists.

"One kid wanted a skateboard and he finally got it today. One kid who lost everything due to Sandy wanted clothes, shoes, toys and he was granted everything," teacher Katharine Mularz said.

The company even brought extras for their brothers and sisters in other classes so they would not feel left out.

"A gymnastics Dora and a doll and a buzz light year," one child said as she recounted her gifts.

While the children were elated with their new toys and gadgets, their parents were even happier knowing their kids weren't left out this Christmas.

"As a mom I've tried to do everything I could to make sure Christmas is nice so this is really nice," Sutton added.



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