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A.C. firefighters present vote of no confidence

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Members of local 198 Atlantic City Professional Firefighters went public with the results of a no confidence vote before City Council Wednesday night.

The union expressed its lack of confidence in Chief Dennis Brooks and Administrative Deputy Chief Vincent Granese.

"We're going to be hopefully working with council, working with the administration, which we are already. They have contacted us, director Glass, and we've been moving forward, making progress," said local 198 President Christopher Emmell.

In a statement, Local 198 says its concerns with leadership stem from safety practices before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy.

The firefighters told City Council the union's vote of no confidence passed by overwhelming majority.

George Tibbitt, the only councilman to comment on the issue Wednesday night, came to the defense of both Brooks and Granese.

"There are many issues I think are greatly over exaggerated and being there first hand, with first hand knowledge the whole time, I told him if this comes up and you bring it public, I'm going to stand up for the chief and deputy chief," said Councilman Tibbitt.

"Obviously they voted they don't have any confidence and that's their right as a union and I just got to keep moving forward and doing my job the best I can do," said Chief Dennis Brooks.

Chief Brooks says he questions why the vote was presented to council, when typically this type of situation is handled by the Public Safety Committee, which is headed by director William Glass.

"We had a storm and we did the best we could do with the storm. In any event there are things you can do better, I sat with the membership on Monday and we discussed a few of the issues they had and the next time we can do things a little differently," said Chief Brooks.

Local 198 members say they have assembled a safety committee and plan to work with the city and Fire Administration to make the adjustments they deem necessary to keep firefighters and the city safe.

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