Insurance adjusters asking public to be patient -

Insurance adjusters asking public to be patient

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It's been almost six weeks since Sandy devastated parts of our area and so many lives are still upside down. Thousands of residents here in the garden state are still waiting for their insurance adjusters to show up.

"We lost furniture, cabinets, appliances, clothing, personal products, everything," Michelle Disanto said.

Michelle DiSanto is like thousands here in South Jersey whose life has been a living nightmare since Sandy destroyed her home and nearly everything inside.

"I shake just thinking about it. All I want is to be able to come home," DiSanto added.

However, that is still just a distant dream.

"This was our living room that turned around into what was the kitchen," DiSanto said as she toured us around the home.

If the structural damage wasn't enough, Disanto's children are severely medically challenged, which has forced the family to travel the country for help.

"The sad thing is we've spent everything on our kids medical problems we don't have the money to be able to fix things or even move forward. We're at the mercy of our insurance companies," DiSanto said.

We sat down with the family's insurance agent and he says Sandy put the insurance companies in uncharted waters.

"This was a huge storm. They are dealing with more than two million claims. It is taking two to three weeks for an adjuster to be assigned," insurance agent Edward Vaughn said.

Putting things into perspective, Hurricane Katrina generated about a million and a half claims.

Insurance companies say adjusters are working seven days a week and are asking the public to be as patient as possible.

"As adjusters set up appointments make sure you make those appointments because if you miss the first appointment. As jammed up as they are they are backed up for three weeks you are going to go to the end of the 3 weeks and get into the back of the line," Vaughn said.

As for the DiSanto family, after a November adjuster appointment was canceled, they are now on back on the schedule for December 14th.

Normally around this time of year the DiSanto family would be decorating their house for Christmas, but now the only thing that hangs from the walls is wires. They say they have hope this holiday season, but they are not asking for much.

"I want my house. A house that is safe and a house that my kids won't get sick in," DiSanto said.

Experts also say you shouldn't hesitate to ask your adjuster for an advancement check to cover immediate costs.

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