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"Jersey Strong" necklaces sold to help with Sandy relief

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As people continue to pick up the pieces left by Hurricane Sandy, one woman is creating custom made jewelry pieces that will help those in need, while representing just how strong the state of New Jersey has been throughout these hard times.

Making customized jewelry pieces is what Jennifer Harp-Douris does for a living, but after Hurricane Sandy swept through the Jersey Shore Jennifer transformed her business into a way to assist others as they try to recover from Sandy.

"I thought if I could design something and give a portion of that money to someone who could help rebuild houses and things like that that was the best way to go," said Jennifer Harp-Douris.

Jennifer uses a special hammer technique on the pieces she creates to add unique and empowering words or phrases like "Jersey Strong" which is the phase engraved on the pieces she sells for Sandy victims.

"I think in New Jersey right now you have to be strong to go through all this because everybody is affected by this," Harp-Douris expressed.

Since coming up with the concept of "Jersey Strong," Jennifer says the amount of support behind these pieces has truly been amazing and well - a little shocking.

"I thought it was going to be successful, this successful no; it became huge it traveled literally all over the country," said Harp-Douris.

Jennifer has raised more than $1000 and currently has more than 100 pieces on order some going as far as Hawaii...

And as the orders continue to roll in it just go to show that during a time of need we as Americans are all in this together.

"I think it shows us as people, as families that care about each other," Harp-Douris said.  "I think it really has brought the best out of a lot of people."

Ten Dollars from each necklace sold will be donated to Sandy victims.

Click "Jersey Strong" for more information on these customized necklaces.

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