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Zoo workers prepare the animals for cold weather

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Warm and fuzzy fur might be enough to keep the snow leopard cozy this winter season, but that doesn't mean preparations are not in order for the hundreds of other animals living at the Cape May County Zoo.

"They have heated buildings to go in and out of if they desire. And then stay inside if they feel cold," said Chief Veterinarian at the Cape May County Zoo, Dr. Hubert Paluch.

The zoo employees have been hard at work installing heat lamps for the birds and laying out hay for the cats.

"The water bowls at the outside exhibits are heated water bowls, so the water doesn't freeze. And we feed them inside so the food doesn't freeze," said Paluch.

For those who can't stand the cold, its time for a new home. Without secluded housing the tortoises and pot bellied pig would not be able to survive out in the frigid weather.

But there are some animals that thrive off of the chilly weather. One in particular is the Siberian Tiger, who isn't afraid of the cold, snow, or a little bit of rain.

"They are in their natural environment, they feel comfortable. Its just another day for them," said zoo visitor, Megan Dougherty.

Megan Dougherty decided to visit the zoo on the slightly drizzly day in hopes of having the exhibits to her self. And she says even if a few of the animals are kept inside, it's not enough to keep her away from the place she loves.

The Cape May County Zoo is free and open to the public seven days a week.

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