Pacific Ave. is in disrepair and will cost millions to fix -

Pacific Ave. is in disrepair and will cost millions to fix

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Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City is notorious for uneven pavement and potholes. Now help may be on the way.

"Your bopping up on and down like a pinky bobble head back here. They gotta fix the street," said one man riding the Jitney.

The message is clear and there is no denying Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City is a mess.

"It doesn't leave a good first impression of your first experience in Atlantic City. When you come out and get on a Jitney and you ride down the street that's in such disrepair," Jitney driver John Walker said.

The drivers say the potholes and the uneven surface take a toll not just on their passengers but their jitney vehicles, which each driver personally owns.

"The condition of the road accelerated the decline of our last fleet. The engines were fine they could go on forever."

The Jitney Association spent $15 million buying 190 new buses and now they say the brand new vehicles are costing them thousands to repair because of the road.

CRDA executive director John Palmieri spoke on Pinky's Corner radio show on News Talk 1400 WOND last week and says they are working on the problem.

"Getting the grading and smoothing done is something that were looking at and our guy Tom Mass said for three million plus or minus we might be able to do it," Palmieri said on Pinky's Corner.

Palmieri says they will have to find funding for the project and it will take time, but says they are committed.

"I'd like to think that 3 to 4 months from now we will be in the position to say we prepared something," Palmieri said.

The drivers we spoke with say they hopeful the CRDA will make things better, but say no matter what... this is long over do.

"I've been a driver out here for 20 years and this street should be paved in gold," Walker added.

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