Lt. Gov. Guadagno visits area, promises help -

Lt. Gov. Guadagno visits area, promises help

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Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was in South Jersey Friday, meeting with residents and local leaders in regards to the devastation caused by Sandy.

It's been more than a month since Sandy barreled through South Jersey, now Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno is echoing Gov. Chris Christie's message that while we will rebuild, we must think of the future.

"The governor has already estimated $36 billion that includes about seven billion dollars for mitigation which is another way of saying shore... bolstering up the shore, engineering some of the bulkheads so this doesn't happen again," Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno said as she toured Longport.

As Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno toured the devastation caused by Sandy many of the home owners at the south end of the island came out and expressed their views. They say they want a wall built in the ocean which will protect their homes for the next storm.

"What were hoping for is a shore protection system that will save the balance of Longport," Longport resident Steven Hankin said.

The shore protection system residents hope for would be a wall built in the ocean at the south end of Longport.

In the state's plans is the construction of widespread dunes, the same type officials credit for saving Atlantic City.

"It's gonna be dunes, that's a very controversial item. People on the beach always say gee I would like to see the water, well guess what. They saw the water because the water was in their living rooms," Longport Mayor Nick Russo said.

While Longport begins its fight for dune construction, the Lt. Gov. applauded the town for its other proactive measures.

"Longport had the foresight to require their homes to be raised to 12 ft. So the homes have damage, but its not devastating damage," Guadagno added.

While Longport's preventive measures were optional, the federal government is currently reviewing building construction codes for coastal properties and is expected to release new standards December 10th.

The Lt. Governor also visited effected Margate and Ventnor businesses and urged property owners of summer homes at the Jersey Shore to return and rebuild.

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