Red Cross Helping one month later -

Red Cross Helping one month later

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It's hard to believe South Jersey was underwater with thousands evacuated just four weeks ago.

Now many of the physical scars have been cleaned up, but still thousands continue to deal with personal issues related to New Jersey's costliest storm.

"We lost our house, our car, our jobs, so now were starting over, just living life all over again," Sheila Mcfarland said.

Sheila McFarland says she feels hopeless, everything she knew is gone and that's what has brought her to Bader Field.

This is the American Red Cross tent at Bader Field where specialists are meeting with those still coping and looking for help.

"Were here to give resources. There's FEMA resources, other non-governmental organizations that have resources. We're just here to explain to everybody ok these are the things you need to do next. And these are the place you can go. And these are the resources available to you," Amber Bierfreund from the Red Cross said.

The Red Cross says so many people have homes that are unlivable, and for those getting back on their feet there are so many little things adding up that it becomes overwhelming.

"When you're in a disaster you're in a different place mentally and you don't always think about all the things that you need to do, but to have someone sit there and council you and say ok this is what you can do to try and get back to normal," Bierfreund explained.

"I got a voucher to go get eye care and some supplies. Some blankets and its amazing. I just said to him we got so excited were getting blankets and a month ago that was just the norm and now any little thing you appreciate so much more," McFarland explained.

The Red Cross wants to make it clear that this is not a giveaway. It's simply a place to get your personal life in order and on track to make a full recovery.

"You always think it will never happen to you and then when it happens to you its just a whole other experience," McFarland said.

The Red Cross center is open from 9 until 1 on Sunday.

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