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Powerball mania

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More than a half of a billion dollars is on the line and millions across the country are dreaming big and hoping for the best as Powerball mania takes over.

It's the jackpot that just keeps growing.

"Half a billion dollars... I don't know," said one woman as she bought her ticket.

People have been lining up all day to try their hand at lady luck. 

"I'm just dreaming of a better future," Damien Burgos said as he filled out numbers.

Whatever your dream may be... Experts say don't quit your day job just yet. The chances of winning are 1 in 175 million. To put that into perspective experts say you are 17.5 times more likely to become president of the United States than wining the Powerball.

"It's a dream. You know. If you don't play you can't dream so... Am I going to win? Probably not. Am I going to have fun? It's fun to dream about," Mike Mcmahon said. 

It's definitely fun to dream; and everyone's idea of a good time is different.

"I'd probably eat myself to death," Danny Borowski said.

"I would donate at least 50% of it," one woman said.

" A house, put some money aside for the kids and grand babies," Harriet Easton said.

"I'd probably pass out to be honest and yes it would change my life," Borowski added.

It would change anyone's life. If a single person hits all of the numbers including the Powerball and chooses the lump sum they will take home about $360 million before tax.

Lottery officials say they expect to sell about 6.3 million lottery tickets every hour.

It's not just that lucky person or winning group who benefits from Powerball; the state gets one dollar of every ticket sold supporting veterans and education programs, among others.

While the odds are slim, one thing is for sure if you end up winning.

"My gambling days will be behind me. There is nothing left to gamble for," Borowski added.

Tonight's numbers will be called at 10:59. You have until 10 o'clock to get out there and try your luck with a $2 ticket.

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