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Ocean City Police crack down on traffic violations

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Police are cracking down on traffic violations that they say people disregard during the holiday season.

For most, years of sitting behind the wheel have made the act of driving a natural instinct.

But it is that lack of thought that has caught the attention of the Ocean City Police Department.

"When you are driving down the road your mind may be a million miles away thinking about other things other than driving," Said Ocean City Police Captain, Steven Ang.

That's why the department is coming together during the holiday season to crack down on traffic violations.

"We are going to be enforcing several traffic violations that would become hazardous to people during the holiday season."

The zero tolerance program will run for six weeks when police will be looking for people who are using their cell phone, not wearing seat belts and speeding.

Corey Hafner says he supports the police department in their attempt to make the streets a safer place. Especially after losing someone close to him for something he says could have been avoided.

"I lost a friend from texting and driving. So the more they crack down on that the better," said Hafner. "It puts everyone in danger more than yourself, everyone on the road and everyone crossing the street."

And that danger is something those running the program hope to decrease after four pedestrians have been killed after being hit by cars in the last few weeks in South Jersey.

"That could become not only a motor vehicle accident but that could become a fatal motor vehicle accident," said Ang.

And with the support of drivers, the department hopes that the goal of making the streets safe for everyone will continue for months to come.

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