Dozens of car tire slashed -

Dozens of car tires slashed

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Dozens of residents in one Vineland community received some unwelcome news on Thanksgiving day when police came knocking on their doors to tell them their tires had been slashed.

"They got that one, this one. I don't know where they are, oh they got them too," one resident said as she pointed at the cars hit on her street.

They're every where you look up and down the streets of the Little Flower mobile home community in Vineland.

"The police knocked on the door about 7 or 7:30 they said are you Tony Polo the manager. I said yes. They said can you come outside I gotta little bad news for you," Park manager Tony Polo said.

That's when police said Tony's new Nissan was just one of dozens hit by the Thanksgiving vandals.

"He said don't feel to bad about this...15 or 20 tires were slashed in here," Polo added.

But now police say that number has jumped to more than 30 and they expect it go higher.

"I'm on a limited income, who has money this time year to repair tires. Such a mean thing to do," victim Marla Miller said.

Police say the vandals walked up and down streets with knives and hit one after another.

They hit both on this car and the owner says it's going to cost her $310 to get both tires replaced.

"Who ever it is if they do catch them like I said... Make them pay full restitution to everyone they flattened. If they live here in the park evict them. Get em out," Jimmy stellencicio said.

Police say after an all night investigation they now have three teens in custody. Two 14-year -olds and a 15-year-old who they are calling the ring leader.

That 15-year old did not live in the community, he is said to be well known by police and is now being held at the Cumberland County Juvenile Detention Center.

The other two boys, one of whom lives in the park community, have been released to their parents.

The damage is expected cost more than $8000.



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