Not as many shoppers on Black Friday -

Not as many shoppers on Black Friday

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Far less people are breaking down the door at popular Black Friday stops.

"I started last night at 7:30 and I have not stopped since."

Anna Marie Short is one of the many people who took part in what looks to be the new craze of shopping on Thanksgiving.

"Wal-Mart was crazy last night at about 8:00 when they had all of their pallets and opened up the minute it was 8:00," said Short. "I have bruises. I got trampled on for a crock pot."

And it's this trend that leaves many asking where did all the Black Friday shoppers go?

"It seems calm, and it's a beautiful day. There are just not a lot of people out today," said shopper, Tameka Jester.

Not only are shoppers finding the deals early, but they are also choosing to stay home on what is usually refereed to as the biggest shopping day of the year, and it's leaving the late bloomers empty handed.

"I think most people did their shopping yesterday because everyone inside says everything was sold out by midnight, so there's nothing left for us," said Jester.

But to some going to their favorite stores on Black Friday is a tradition they never miss. No matter when the doors open they say they are willing to wait.

"Thanksgiving should be kept as Thanksgiving, not as a shopping experience. But we always come out on Friday," said shopper, Guy Donath.

But this year stores changed all the rules, and while the savings may have been bigger many say going out on Black Friday is about more than just the deals.

And after this year's let down, it won't take much for these shoppers to approach the day differently come this time next year.

Shoppers say for everything they missed out on Friday they will be taking advantage of the savings they hope to get on Cyber Monday, when online sites provide heavy discounts.

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