Black Friday draws enormous crowds -

Black Friday draws enormous crowds

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Black Friday sales began Thursday night as shoppers lined sidewalks throughout South Jersey; all hoping to gobble up the best deals in the area.

"I'm just trying to buy a TV, a laptop, a DVD player. You know, the usual."  Monika Williams was one of the first fifty people in line at the ‘Best Buy' in Mays Landing on Thursday night.  She had an entire list of items she hoped to buy at the Black Friday sale price. 

Nancy Evans, the manager of the ‘Target' in Mays Landing said, "It was actually really, really awesome.  It went pretty smooth so far.  I mean, we had a huge line this morning that went all the way down past, I think, six or seven of the other stores down there."


While many people were serving up seconds at the Thanksgiving table, ‘Target' employees in Mays Landing were serving some of the earliest Black Friday deals as they opened their doors at 6 o'clock on Thursday night.

Some stores, such as the ‘Best Buy' in Mays Landing, actually waited until Black Friday to open their doors.  Many customers got in and got out with everything they came for.

The first person to be rung out at ‘Best Buy,' Anthony Gatto, said, "It makes me feel great. I've been waiting since 5pm."  Anthony was the first to buy a discounted Xbox 360 and said he was excited about his purchase.

At ‘Best Buy' the line of customers stretched around the corner, even into the back of the shipping yard.  However, some customers told NBC 40 that getting a spot at the front of the line still didn't get them the product they came here for.

Nick Eldredge, a frustrated customer, said, "We were in the front of the building and we still did not get a ticket for the TV we came here for."  He added, "Everybody was here for that TV and barely anybody got the ticket for it.  I think they gave out five." 


Don Denucci told NBC 40, "It's not worth going in there because the lines are too long and it's just not worth it."

Some of the Black Friday shoppers who waited since Thanksgiving Day were even willing to sell their spot in line...if the price was right.  Monika Williams offered, "Would you like to buy my ticket - a thousand dollars!"

There were also many people who just wanted to be part of the Black Friday experience.  Some shoppers even decided to set up a tailgate as they waited for doors to open.

Alex Piratzky told us, "I personally came just to meet new people and for the experience of Black Friday itself, but I think people want to be first because they want the best items and the best deals."

Whatever the reason for getting up early on Black Friday, the deals are there...and now it's up to South Jersey shoppers to find them.

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