Recent fatal accidents raise safety concerns -

Recent fatal accidents raise safety concerns

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In just under two months four people have been struck and killed by cars while walking along one of South Jersey's busiest highways.

"Tires screeching, and you hear a couple loud bangs, and then ambulances."

It's a sound that's all to common for the Riotta family that recently moved into a home directly behind the White Horse Pike with their newborn son.

But after hearing the noise of Monday nights fatal accident they fear the sound of terror is too close to home.

"This is supposed to be a nice quiet safe neighborhood back here but the intersection here gets pretty bad. Lights change and people are always speeding," said Riotta.

On Monday night 69 year old Robert Defillipo became the most recent Absecon casualty after he was struck by a vehicle while walking along the White Horse Pike in front of the Home Depot.

This is an accident that police say could have been avoided if both parties had paid more attention to the road.

"The vehicle is not going to be able to stop sometimes for you. If it's coming down the road, and if the driver takes their eyes off the road for a split second that could cause a disaster in a persons life," said Absecon Chief of Police, David Risley.

But Monday nights accident was just the most recent to cause a pedestrian death.

In just under two months four people have been killed while walking along the White Horse Pike, and those who live near by say enough is enough.

"You have to control the speed. You have to slow it down. And there should be more patrols controlling the pike here," said Owner of the Executive Lodge, Earl Jensen.

"We have stepped up our enforcement on the speed on Route 30. We use to concentrate on the side streets and residential areas, but now we are going to have to step it up on the highway as well," said Risley.

But police are asking for corporation from everyone, saying pedestrians need to walk on side streets, wear bright colored clothing, and of course abide by all traffic rules.

"The pedestrians just have to be more cautious of their surroundings and what they are doing out there."

The Absecon Police Department has also applied for a pedestrian safety grant that will allow undercover officers to act as pedestrians in the area. If approved they hope to begin that project in January.

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