Shoppers face rising cost of Thanksgiving -

Shoppers face rising cost of Thanksgiving

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The rising cost of Thanksgiving may leave many dinner tables looking scarce this year.

As residents continue to stock up for Thanksgiving , shoppers may notice the price of a holiday favorite is gobbling up more money than usual this year.

According to experts from the Louisiana State University Ag Center, the cost per pound of turkey is up 29 cents from last year.

For a 16 pound turkey, that adds up to nearly a five dollar increase.

A higher price that has consumers like Georgia Buzzella at the Somers Point Shop Rite wondering how they can afford Thanksgiving dinner.

"Its getting where the average person can't even survive anymore. I don't know how a lot of people are doing Thanksgiving this year with everything so high," said Buzzella.

The LSU Ag Center says a grain shortage is to blame for the increased price of turkey.

Drought conditions across much of the United States lowered the amount of available grain.

That means smaller meals for turkeys and bigger prices.

And it isn't just turkey.

The Ag Center says the shortage of grain resulted in a higher cost all livestock.

Despite these rising prices on holiday staples, many shoppers are reluctant to give up a traditional Thanksgiving dinner because of cost.

While the recent hurricane may make putting a turkey on the table a burden for some, shoppers have not noticed a decrease in business.

As supermarkets like this are still packed with shoppers grabbing ingredients for their holiday meals.

"Truthfully, I don't know how they're doing it," said Buzzella. "But they're still coming out. It is jammed in there, its jammed."

Shoppers in this area and around the country will continue to face the elevated prices as they prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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