Hostess closing having an impact right here in South Jersey -

Hostess closing having an impact right here in South Jersey

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The legendary company that brought the world Twinkies, announced Friday that operations of all Hostess products will come to an end and that the once popular company will close down nation-wide.  And since the announcement, a massive domino effect has taken place even right here in South Jersey.

"Well the first step is the unemployment office then we'll be looking for work next week," explained former Hostess employee John Wright.

The future of John Wright has never been so uncertain until Friday afternoon, when he received a phone call from his employer informing him he will no longer have a job and that the company he had worked for 25 years, Hostess will no longer exist.

"It's not just for us there's supposedly 18,000 employees nation–wide so it's not just the small little 20 of us that work here and it's a big deal especially the way the economy is where are they going to find work again," Wright said.

"I feel bad for the employees too especially for this time of the year with the holidays coming and especially after the storms and everything it's bad enough," expressed Eric Rosenblum.

The company announced Friday that all operations will be closing up and they will file for bankruptcy in U.S. Court after being unable to settle a dispute with one of the company's union.

And ever since the announce, fans of the popular snacks have been flocking to their nearest hostess location buying up everything on the shelves.

"The shelves are all but wiped out in fact I was waiting in line and somebody called asked the woman if they had any Twinkies and she told them $60 on the Internet," Rosenblum said.

"It brings a lot of memories a lot of kids even people like myself we were raised on it Hostess', Twinkies a lot of sentimental feelings right now," said Don Woods or Pleasantville.

The Egg Harbor Township location will stay up open until everything is sold.

And according to employees that might only be a few more days.




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