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Ordinance passes that will lower cat population on Vineland streets

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City Council passes an ordinance that they hope will control the number of feral cats living on the streets.

It's a idea that city officials have been working on for months, and if all goes according to plan the residents of Vineland will soon see far less four legged friends roaming the city.

"Ultimately we hope it will reduce the feral stray cat population in Vineland and help lower the cost of having stray cats euthanized at local shelters," said Vineland Business Administrator, Denise Monaco who spear-headed the organization to write the ordinance.

The ordinance to trap, neuter, and release feral cats back into community is an effort to stop an increase of the animal population living on the streets.

"There are always going to be cats out there but just like everything else you just reduce the amount, this way they are still there, but are just going to be reduced," said Vineland Mayor, Robert Romano.

"When this type of program is managed well and has good colony stewards it can be a great program," said Director of the Cumberland County SPCA, Bev Greco.

But Bev Greco says that the ordinance alone will not fix the problem entirely.

"We have some very rural areas in this town. They can be pretty problematic, because people dump cats," said Greco.

Before the program was designed, the cat population was exploding in Vineland and it will take the support of residents to bring the problem under control.

"Like any other place a lot of people, they have cats and instead of taking care of them they just drop them off into the woods," said Romano.

But if the community comes together to support the plan it won't be long before cats no longer are forced to live in cages, but instead are roaming free in the outdoors.

The ordinance will go into effect in 20 days.

Anyone who knows of a problem area should contact the Vineland Animal Control.

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