New Call of Duty game draws big crowds -

New Call of Duty game draws big crowds

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It's a big day for video game enthusiasts across the country. 

Jodi Mareno and her son were at the GameStop in May's Landing early Tuesday morning when she told NBC 40, "That is all they want to do.  Like they just want to get together and play video games."  

That is exactly what thousands of people will be doing over the next couple of days, as video game enthusiasts finally get their hands on the much anticipated 'Black Ops 2,' which is expected to be one of the biggest video game releases of the year.

The game hit shelves at midnight, and is the newest installment from the wildly successful 'Call of Duty' series.

Some fans say they pre–ordered over six months ago.

Shaquille Davis said, "I'm excited I finally got it. I'm about to go back and play it, probably going to stay up all night."

Most of the hard-core gamers had been at the GameStop since Monday afternoon.

 Some of the people NBC 40 spoke with said that they plan on skipping school on Tuesday so that they can play the game for 48 hours straight.

Shaquille Davis, a student at Stockton College, said, "I don't know if I'll skip class.  If it comes down to it I possibly will.  I'm going to try not to.  I'm going to try to play it and try to get off it and make it to class… but if not I'm just going to have to skip,  because I have an 8:30 a.m. class."

A high school student, Louis Totoro, said, "I have at least about 35 to 40 friends that are already staying home just to play this game tonight."

Most of the people waiting in line said the game will absolutely consume their lives for the next week.

Parents waiting in line told us that games like call of duty actually help their kids make friends.  Tina Koschorreck, a mother of a young son who bought the game, said, "I do let him play online.  He has friends from, all over the country, even Canada."

The last ‘Call of Duty' game that was released in 2011 took in more than $400 million  on its opening day, and it's likely that ‘Black Ops 2' could surpass those numbers.

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