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Temporary fix in the works to fix damaged Cape May County road

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The destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy can still be seen everywhere and Wednesday's Nor'easter seems to only be making things worse.

This goes especially for one road in Cape May County that is literally falling apart.

It's been just over one week since Sandy ripped through South Jersey and some of the hardest hit places are just now starting to recover.

But the healing process was cut short as yet another storm is making the damage even worse.

"With this Nor'easter, it's compounding the problem. We have waves continuing to undermine the roadway and take away the embankment of the road," said Cape May County Engineer, Dale Foster.

Here on Ocean Drive, which connects Ocean City and Strathmere the road buckled when intense waves began to deteriorate the asphalt during Hurricane Sandy, leaving only one lane for drivers to pass until it can be fixed.

"Our initial thing is to temporarily fix it by driving steel sheets and then eventually we will run a stone revetment down further to provide protection against the waves crashing against the roadway here," said Foster.

Officials say the $229,000 temporary fix will hopefully be completed by the end of next week.

But this stretch of road isn't the only one that needs maintenance.

"What we are seeing over the last several storms is a lot more wind and a lot more rain coming up here. So think longer term," said New Jersey D.E.P. Commissioner, Bob Martin.

Governor Chris Christie's Administration announced on Wednesday that the permits to repair these infrastructures are going to be easier to get in hopes that the Barrier Islands can get back to normal sooner than later.

"The major thing we have to focus on is getting the Army Core of Engineers, to put out a plan together, and put out a prioritization of how we are going to rebuild and repair all these coastal towns," said Martin.

But until then South Jersey residents will continue to pick up the pieces and prepare for what winter has in store.

Cities and towns with road damages will have six months to provide documentation of damages.

The Ocean Drive project is expected to be complete by early spring.

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