Barrier islands brace for Nor'easter -

Barrier islands brace for Nor'easter

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Scars from Sandy are still fresh and now another storm is pounding the Jersey Shore.

Crashing waves and flooding streets, It's happening again.

This Nor'easter has nothing on sandy, but locals are saying enough is enough.

"It's like breaking your foot and then it keeps getting banged and having things fall on it," Longport resident Anne Martin said.

Anne Martin and Bob Subranni watched the storm roll in from their second floor home that is already badly damaged from Sandy.

"It's very sad to see us getting pounded again, but were lucky we have a strong foundation," Bob Subranni said.

As the storm comes in, its carrying out what's left of the beach and dunes after Sandy. Debris is filling the streets and it's keeping clean up crews busy.

"Were trying to keep the storm drains clear so we can improve flow, but of course that is going to prove fruitless once the tide comes up," Chris Berenotto of Longport Public works said.

When Sandy blew through South Jersey, the streets on the barrier island weren't just flooded with water, but sand piled up several feet and now crews are working overtime to get it back on the beach.

"The dunes that were breached or destroyed we are taking the sand that is on the streets and moving it into the breached areas of the dunes in an effort to keep the tides down," Longport Public Works Commissioner Jim Leeds Sr. said.

Forecasters say another high tide is due around 2 a.m. Friday morning. As for Bob and Anne, they tell us they are prepared.

"You cant panic. You have to keep a level head and you can't ride a storm out if you don't think you are going to make it," Subranni said.

As of Wednesday afternoon no evacuations have been ordered.

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