South Jersey residents vote in the "2012 Presidential Election" -

South Jersey residents vote in the "2012 Presidential Election"

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Voters all over Atlantic County lined up to cast their vote for the "2012 Presidential Election".

"This is a great country, and it's important we cast our vote to be part of the process," said Obama supporter, William Williams.

It's a process that only happens once every four years, and Atlantic County residents say they aren't going to miss the chance to cast their vote in the "2012 Presidential Election".

"And who we pick and the decisions they make ultimately impact us."

Joyce and her husband William Williams came out to vote as a family in hopes of teaching their daughter the importance of voicing your opinion.

The two both voted for President Barack Obama.

They cited reasons that were made even stronger in just the last week after he visited South Jersey to see the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

"It's just good to see the Governor and the President together working to restore this city," said Williams.

But that gesture did not change the opinions of some people, who say they want to see a change in the White House.

"I'm coming to vote for Romney because we need a real change, these last four years have been awful," said Romney supporter, Susanna Rasel.

"I feel our current President is a good man, a great father, good husband, but I am very much opposed to his philosophies," said Romney supporter, Dr. Robert Goldberg.

Dr. Robert Goldberg says that he votes every election no matter what.

He says he is disappointed with the efforts made by Obama to create more jobs during his term and believes Romney is the better candidate.

"I think he is a decent kind of guy but not who I want to be our President." Said Goldberg.

However some say what Mitt Romney has to offer is not enough either.

"He keeps saying there is a plan, but I don't know what that plan is," said Obama supporter, Mary Decaro.

But at the end of the day only one person can win this election.

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