Thousands seek help from FEMA to find temporary housing -

Thousands seek help from FEMA to find temporary housing

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As thousands lost their home following the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, many are reaching out to FEMA to find temporary housing, but believe they are not getting the help they need.

The destruction left behind by Sandy will require months of clean-up before things are back to normal but for some, the memory of what happened will never be forgotten.

Kerri Jorge lost everything she owned after Sandy flooded the streets of Ventnor.

She says she thought things would get better after reaching out to FEMA for temporary housing, but quickly found out things were more complicated then she thought.

"How can you tell someone in this disaster to check out when FEMA is paying for it, when you just lost your home," said Ventnor resident, Kerri Jorge.

Currently Jorge and her family are being housed at the Atlantic City Sheraton Hotel.

She says the employees knowingly charged her debit card, taking her last $50.00 to cover incidentals.

"So today when I went to use my credit card, it was declined to get my kids food, and when I ran my credit card through it said the Sheraton charged us $50.00," said Jorge.

According to FEMA the shelter assistant program does not cover incidentals.

This is why hotels, such as the Sheraton are charging each room $50.00.

But in this time of need the hotel has offered to waive the fee in certain situations in hopes of helping anyway they can.

"We have gone ahead and waived parking fees at the hotel. Discounted breakfast, as we do know that for the folks staying with us it's all about money management, some have and some don't," said Sheraton Hotel manager, Carla Caulk.

And in these hard times, getting things back to normal will take the efforts of everybody in the community.

"Our whole community has been affected and I think everyone wants to help," said Caulk. "And you see the community come together to support every body, and we are doing that too. We want to be part and make sure we help."

Anyone who lost his or her home because of flooding is encouraged to contact FEMA at 1-800-621-3362.

However they want to stress that there are restrictions to what they offer.

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