Bass River Township Residents still feeling aftermath of Sandy -

Bass River Township Residents still feeling aftermath of Sandy

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BASS RIVER TWP., BURLINGTON COUNTY -- The aftermath of hurricane sandy is still being felt around the state, even in areas that don't border the shore.

 "All of our stuff is gone; it was just devastating this whole town is in ruin," expressed Bass River Twp. resident Linda Devoe.

 Residents of Bass River Township, Burlington County are returning to their town to find homes and businesses destroyed.

 "Primarily we're trying to get declared through FEMA because these people need help some of them have insurance, some of them don't especially flood insurance they never thought in a million years it would carry across north maple avenue," said Mayor Deborah Bzby-Cope, Bass River Twp.

Despite of not being declared a disaster area, parts of Burlington County was hit harder than expected by hurricane sandy, particularly Bass River Township.

 "The hurricane came through and really kind of surprised everybody, we expected the worst and we got worst than that," explained George McGeoch, resident of Bass River Twp.

George McGeoch, owner of Allen's dock in New Gretna, returned to see the business that's been in his family for more than 40 years nearly destroyed, as the dock and equipment has been damaged beyond repairs...

The marina that was once filled with boats was suddenly emptied by the storm.

"We been able to recover some boats that are up river, we actually have boats on people front lawns two miles up the river," McGeoch said.

Despite returning to find such devastation, residents in the area are trying to keep a positive outlook on the situation and ready to move forward.

"It is a big mess you just clean up, you have to clean up and start over 35 years of work and you just have to start over and make it better we'll be back," said McGeoch.

"This whole entire town needs to start fresh we're resilient here," Devoe said.

Their resiliency is sure to be tested by the damage left behind by hurricane Sandy.

Officials say that help was promised to Burlington County but without the county being declared a disaster area it is not guaranteed to come.

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