Ventnor residents begin to sort through damaged belongings -

Ventnor residents begin to sort through damaged belongings

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Ventnor City residents are preparing to return home after the city is the last to remove the mandatory evacuation in Atlantic County.

To some the news was long over due, but many are breathing a sigh of relief after Ventnor City lifted the mandatory evacuation.

The island was the last in Atlantic County to do so, but officials say it was for the safety of those who live there.

"Salt water got up in our sewer system, it was over whelming and it hasn't been running efficiently," said Ventnor Mayor, Mike Bagnell.

But days of cleaning has once again made the city livable for most of its residents, however some will return to find out that they are not so lucky.

Many residents are going to return home to find notices taped to their doors.

Besides the sewer system problem a large number of homes are experiencing electrical issues. Making low-lying homes unlivable.

"They are going to need electricians to say the property is safe to inhabit," said Bagnell.

Some people who chose to stay on the island during Hurricane Sandy have already started to sort through their belongings.

The Carlin family is just one of the many who will now be displaced and is taking the news one day at a time.

"We have to find a new home. I have lived in Ventnor my whole life so I feel a little alone," said displaced Ventnor resident, Angelique Carlin.

Angelique Carlin may be fighting to hold back tears but she says she knows she has friends and family to help her through these hard times.

"We need to come together as a community, we need to because this is something this island has never seen before and its total devastation," said Carlin.

And it's the destruction that caused local business owner Cheryl Venezia to put her own losses on hold to open Annette's Restaurant and serve free food on Thursday, to make sure everyone knew that they had a friend willing to help.

"They are here and they are going to rebuild. It's a shore town. Everyone loves it here, and it will get to where it was before," said Owner, Cheryl Venezia.

While the island is open to residents, Ventnor City will have a curfew tonight starting at 6:00 P.M.

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