BRIDGETON--- The man accused of running down and killing a pregnant woman in Commercial Township in a road rage incident last August, tried to have his bail reduced this afternoon.

Jack Yator, 23, went before a judge Friday afternoon in an attempt to have bail reduced from $350,000 to $100,000.

This past Wednesday, a Grand Jury indicted Yator on first degree murder charges, for the August 1, 2007 incident in which Yator struck, and drove his vehicle over, 27 year old Rosa Maguire.

The incident happened on a street in Laurel Lake, on which Maguire and her husband got into, what has been referred to as a 'road rage' altercation with Yator.

Maguire, who was three months pregnant at the time, died a week later from her injuries.

Today, in Cumberland Co. Court, a judge denied Yator's bail reduction, citing what he described, as Yator's 'horrendous' prior criminal record -- Yator has been in jail since the August 1st incident.

Also in the courtroom this afternoon, was Maguires mother, Vivian Salasovic, who broke an eight month silence, and spoke to NBC 40 about her daughter, and about her daughters alleged killer.

"...I want him to serve the maximum of whatever he gets convicted of, I don't ever want him to see the light of day, if it was my way," said Salasovic.

"...It's hard to get through the days, I miss her terribly...its still very hard for me at this time right now to comprehend that she will never come through my front door, or call me on the phone."

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